I have been composting for six weeks now. This weekend I doubled the size of our compost area. It is currently 6’x3′. I have to say, I love the idea of a compost pile. It decreases the amount of trash to put out on the curb (which is already decreased dramatically by recycling) and it nourishes the soil in your yard. It’s genius!

I do not have one of those neat little composting bins. I found a couple pieces of 2×4 wood and made myself a barrier at the far corner of our backyard. I began by digging some of the soil up, burying my compost materials, and covering with leaves and soil. Then I spray some water on the pile, just enough to wet the top good. That’s it!

Yes, I do the same thing every time. We have a tupperware container in our kitchen we keep by the sink that says “Compost” on it. When it gets full, we take it out and bury it in the pile. It’s also a good time to “stir up” what’s in the compost pile. I always make sure every thing is covered up with either leaves or soil before I wet it and leave. I also inspect to see if we have any signs of ants, creepy crawly visitors, or anything else. So far, so good.

What do we put in our compost? We put egg shells, any left over fruit or veggies that we normally discard when cutting, any fruit or veggie that has gone bad, flowers (the one’s I got for Valentine’s Day), and that’s it. I have a pile of dryer lint in the laundry room that I am planning to put in the pile too. I have read that dryer lint can go in the compost pile!

So, that’s it. I am really liking it and my daughter loves to help me with it. Now all I need to do is plant the garden to really take advantage of this process!

Does anyone else have something fun you can compost (like dryer lint) that I don’t know about?


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